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A Tribute to the Brave Men of the 464th BG (H)

All too often we take freedom and valor for granted.  Growing up, my grandfather never talked about his service in World War II.  All I ever knew is that he was in a plane during the war.  It wasn’t until I sat down and just simply asked, that I was blown away by his sacrifice and service.  He was enlisted in November of 1942 and was honorably discharged in August of 1945.  During those 3 years, he was a waist gunner for the B-24 “Little LuLu” (42-52479), pictured above.  He was part of the first crew to fly that aircraft, and after flying 50 missions he and his crew were reassigned.  My grandfather had been reassigned to fly supplies over the Hump as part of the Air Transport Command.  During this time, the second crew to fly “Little LuLu” was shot down over on August 24, 1944 during a bombing run targeting oil refineries in Czechoslovakia.    My general interest in my grandfather’s history has connected me with people throughout the country and even throughout the world.  It is so reassuring to find others out that that share the same passion to keep history and the legacies of these brave men alive.  I wanted to create a way to share his memories along with stories of others who know those who have served in the 464th Bombardment Group.  I know that it is impossible to ever fully express enough gratitude to these men who so selflessly sacrificed, but I hope that this helps us honor their valor and keeps their memories alive for future generations.

We’re launching this site as a tribute to the brave men of the 464th Bombardment Group (H) in Pantenella, Italy. The 776th, 777th, 778th and 779th Bombardment Squadrons.