The 32nd Annual Reunion of the 464th BG (H): Yankee Air Museum Visit

The 464th Bombardment Group held their 32nd annual reunion in Dearborn Michigan in 2012. They visited the Yankee Air Museum and the tour was narrated by guide, Jonathan Drake.

Here, Jonathan explains the Willow Run assembly plant and that they produced one B-24 Liberator every 55 minutes. (Video by Matt Skillman)

Jonathan talks about some WWI and WWII uniforms that were donated to the museum by a local Veteran’s family. (Video by Matt Skillman)

Jonathan shows the group a 1943 Stinson and about a Spad 13 restoration project at the museum. (Video by Matt Skillman)

Here, he talks about about a B-24 Liberator project that they are working on at the museum based on a Navy PB4Y. (Video by Matt Skillman)

Jonathan concludes by talking about the restoration of a side turret for their Navy PB4Y restoration project. (Video by Matt Skillman)

The 464th BG stops for a group photo after the tour of the Yankee Air Museum. (Video by Matt Skillman)

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