“Little Gizmo II” (42-78376)

“Little Gizmo II” (42-78376)

Another victim of the mission to Pardubice on August 24, 1944 was the B-24G 42-78376 “Little Gismo II” from the 776th BS. The bomber, piloted by Capt. Virgil A. Leverett, was shot to pieces by Fw 190’s and exploded over village Cimer in Czech Republic. The burned body of the ball turret gunner S/Sgt Bloxsom was found near a local transformer. Parachute of the right waist gunner S/Sgt Suchar was stained by fuel and burned. His dead body laid about 100 yards north of Cimer. According to tail gunner Monacelli, radio operator and left waist gunner T/Sgt Hinkley bailed out unharmed. He was probably beaten to death by local Germans. Seven men bailed out and survived. Nose gunner S/Sgt Bucher was able to avoiding capture for a week. (Source: Jiri Sasek)


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