“Free Delivery” (42-52484)

Crew of “Free Delivery” (42-52484)

The original crew of Captain Virgil A Leverett and thier ship “Free Delivery” (42-52484) from the 776th. Crew: Pilot CAPT Virgil A Leverett, Co-Pilot 1st Lt Clifton W Selby, Nav. 1st Lt James M Inks (Author “Eight Bailed Out”), Bombardier 1st Lt Charles R Skinner, Engineer T/SGT Richard D Straw (My Uncle), Radio Op T/SGT Richard C Hinkley, ASST Engineer S/SGT Peter Sucher, Gunners: S/SGT Raymond

A Bloxsom, S/SGT Edward G Hill, S/SGT Ralph Pannone.This ship was lost 5 July 44, Toulon, France (MACR 6379) and was observed to have exploded into 5 parts @ 20,000 feet. The crew aboard 5 July 44 was that of Pilot Edward A Grunewald. 7 of the Crew were POW Dalag-Luft / 3 KIA.(Photo from Terry R. Lanciotti via Engineer T/SGT Richard D. Straw Combat Record)
(Photo from Terry Lanciotti)

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